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Programme 2023 to 2024


21st September: History and Mystery

   Anita Frank (Guest Speaker)

Anita writes historical mysteries concerned with the effects of war. She studied English and American History at UEA and lives in Berkshire.

Recommended books: The Lost Ones, The Return, The Good Liars

19th October:   Enquiring minds: Samuel Pepys, Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke and the Royal Society

   Douglas Irvine

16th November: Queens of Spades: Contract Bridge in Literature

   Martin Hughes

7th December:  Christmas Party: Christmas readings and a quiz

   Chris Davies


18th January:  Novels of the 1930s: popular or problematic but still pertinent?

 And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
 Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
 Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

   Angela Wade, Sheila Wilson, Pat Vokes

15th February:  Desert Island Books: members are asked about their life and the books that are significant for them

  Tony King (Interviewer)

4th April: J L Carr: the varied achievements of an English eccentric

   Eileen Davis

Recommended books: A Month in the Country, The Harpole Report

18th April: Annual General Meeting
and planning for the following season

16th May: Writing in the Digital Age

   Julie Manning (Guest Speaker)

Julie is a local internet author and self-publisher.