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Programme 2018 to 2019


6th September: For Better, For Worse. Victorian Marriage through the eyes of Ibsen, Wilde and Shaw.

Peter Hodgson

Putting Together our Programme; Choices and Challenges.

Hedda Bird from Wokingham Theatre

20th September:  Travels with Bill Bryson

Janet Ferguson

4th October: Whimsical Victorians: The Grossmiths; Jerome K Jerome.

Eileen Davis & Chris Davies

18th October: Literary Politicians

Sydney Treadgold

1st November: Members’ evening

Children and Parents

Coordinator: Elizabeth Treadgold

15th November: The Real Sherlock Holmes. The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada.

Angela Buckley, our guest speaker, is a local non-fiction writer.

6th December: Christmas Past to Christmas Present – a miscellany of history, music, poetry and prose.


17th January: Comedy Thrillers

Martin Hughes

31st January: The Language of Persuasion – techniques from famous speeches, literature and the press.

Jill Swale

7th February: Oxford in Literature

Elizabeth Treadgold

21st February:  Man Booker Shortlist 2018 - Our reviews of 6 modern novels

7th March: Members’ evening

Favourite Travel Writing

Coordinator: Barbara Stagles

21st March:  900 years of the English Countryside in Poetry: how literature reflects historical attitudes to nature.

Ailsa Claybourn, our guest speaker, is a local naturalist and educator.

4th April:   AGM followed by a Book Sale and Planning Meeting for the following year.

New Programme for 2019 / 2020 Coming soon